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Farm and Vendor Spotlight - Part Two

Salt Wharf's menu changes seasonally using the highest quality ingredients, reflecting the best of the season's produce and seafood. By working directly with local fishermen and farmers, Salt Wharf is able to offer a unique menu highlighting Chef Chris Pierce's talents. We are excited to continue spotlighting more of the local farms and vendors that make the Salt Wharf menus special.

Calyx Farms - Morrill, ME

Owned & operated by Alex McCaffree and Catherine Durkin, who met while living and farming in Washington state, Calyx Farms took root in 2018 growing nutritious, high-quality produce while prioritizing the health of the land and keeping our community at the heart of their mission. Beyond supplying Salt Wharf with incredible local produce, they also can be found at Camden Farmers' Market on Saturdays from 9-12 pm.

MannaFest Mushrooms - Appleton, ME

Ryan and Carrie have a bold view of food. To them, food is more than a form of sustenance. They believe that how it is grown, how it is handled, and even how it is thought about affects the end material about to be consumed. They love their mushrooms, and believe this love lives in the fungi they produce - that you can feel it, you can see it, and that you can become a bit more harmonious by ingesting a food created with love.

Common Wealth Poultry Co - Gardiner, ME

This company's goal is to deliver much more than just all-natural, antibiotic-fee, humanely raised chicken. They are aiming to elevate the industry by investing in diversity, equality, and opportunity. Their goals are simple: Produce the freshest, best-tasting poultry in the world: an artisan product, processed by hand, empower their community by providing well-paying jobs to hard-working folks, and make it effortless and zero-risk for people to obtain incredible quality food. What's not to like?

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